The Schörghuber Corporate Group is right on track

Munich, 25 August 2010. In 2009, the Schörghuber Corporate Group generated revenues totaling 1.18 billion euros and achieved an EBITDA of 150.5 million euros in its business divisions Hotels, Aircraft Leasing, Beverages and Construction & Real Estate. The group’s equity ratio, not including beverage activities consolidated at equity for the first time, was 40.63 percent at 31 December 2009.

New beginnings with a zest for action
The Schörghuber Corporate Group, with its four business divisions, is active in the regional, national and international arenas. At the head of the family-owned company stands Alexandra Schörghuber, widow of Stefan Schörghuber, who passed away at the end of 2008. She is the chairwoman of the foundation board of the corporate group and, at the same time, a member of its executive board. Dr. Klaus N. Naeve holds the position of chairman of the executive board and is also the chief financial officer. Last year, a number of top-notch industry experts were added to the executive board. Dr. Jürgen Büllesbach is responsible for managing the Construction & Real Estate division and Roland Tobias for managing the group’s beverage-related activities. Wolfgang M. Neumann, CEO of the Arabella Hospitality Group, on the other hand, has decided to leave the Schörghuber Corporate Group due to a difference in opinion regarding the future growth strategy for the Hotels division.

Together, the executive board has quickly carried out a careful adjustment of the strategies being pursued in the four business division and launched a number of forward-looking projects, which have already had a positive impact during the first half of 2010.

Sustained, profitable growth as the core strategy
The Schörghuber Corporate Group can be found at a total of 31 locations throughout Germany, from Berlin to Zwickau. In 2010, investments will be made in all the business divisions with the exception of the aircraft leasing sector. The market environment no long provides the comparatively small niche provider with enough scope for sustained earnings potential commensurate with the risk. Liquid funds freed up by the continuous sale of the aircraft will be reinvested in the group. For example, in the Hotels division, where recently the Four Points by Sheraton München Central and before that, in 2009, the Sheraton Neues Schloss Zürich were subject to a complete renovation. In Stuttgart, the Bayerische Bau und Immobilien Group have launched a project entitled Quartier am Mailänder Platz, which also includes a hotel.

The Beverages division, with its strong brands, is holding its own in a generally declining market. It does this by exploiting the economies of scale between the breweries, for example by bundling the sales teams in the retail and gastronomy sectors, making strategic investments in the brands that offer growth potential and by increasing focus on exports. One export hit is the popular Paulaner brewhouses, of which six new brewhouses were opened in 2010 alone in China, Indonesia and Russia.

Much was accomplished in the Construction & Real Estate division last year, from the topping-out ceremony for THE m.pire in Parkstadt Schwabing to the launch of sales activities for the WelfenHöfe urban development in the Au-Haidhausen district of Munich to an architectural competition for the site at Neuhauser Straße 19-21 in the pedestrian zone. Planning application for the Bikini Berlin project will be submitted this month in Berlin. The project involves the revitalization and repositioning of the well-known Zoobogen complex in the City West district of Berlin, which comprises offices, shops, bars and restaurants, and a cinema. Another major project is currently being planned on a site located at Hamburg’s Spielbudenplatz.

Social commitment
The Schörghuber Corporate Group takes its responsibility as a place where young people can undergo training seriously. In the 2010/2011 training year, 223 young men and women will start their vocational training in one of 15 vocational training courses that the companies in the group offer. That is 50 percent more than in the previous training year. With a total of 529 trainees, the proportion of trainees stands at an impressive 9.8 percent.

In addition to vocational training, the Schörghuber Corporate Group also provides children and youths with support in the social sphere. For 15 years, it has been partner to the Josef Schörghuber Foundation. The foundation is administered by Munich’s social welfare office, and Lord Mayor Christian Ude is the chairman of the board of trustees. Alexandra Schörghuber is the foundation’s patron. The foundation makes it possible for children and youths from socially disadvantaged families to take part in school trips, outings organized during the school holidays, recreational activities and cultural events.

In the cultural sphere, the Schörghuber Corporate Group has maintained firm ties to the Haus der Kunst art museum in Munich since 1992. At the end of 2009, the agreement between the Schörghuber Corporate Group and the Haus der Kunst was extended for another five year, until the year 2014. The support comprises an annual grant of 500,000 euros, which is used to secure artistic operations.

About the Schörghuber Corporate Group
The owner-managed Schörghuber Corporate Group, which was founded in 1954 and has its headquarters in Munich, is successfully involved in the business sectors hotels, aircraft leasing, beverages, real estate and construction in both the national and international arenas. The Hotels division, with the management company Arabella Hospitality Group, operates 43 hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, on the Balearic island of Majorca and in South Africa. In the aircraft leasing sector, Bavaria International Aircraft Leasing GmbH & Co. KG has successfully positioned itself as a privately-owned aircraft leasing company. Brau Holding International GmbH & Co. KGaA, a joint venture with Heineken N.V., is Germany’s third largest brewery group and comprises the Paulaner Brewery Group, the Kulmbacher Group and the Südwest Group. Bayerische Bau und Immobilien Group, which bundles all the real estate, property development and prefabricated housing activities of the Schörghuber Corporate Group, is one of the largest full-service real estate companies in Germany. Common values – diversity, quality and growth – forge a bond between the four business divisions. The group’s approximately 5,400 employees ensure that customers enjoy the benefits provided by these shared values every single day.

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