Schörghuber Corporate Group shows significant increase in earnings for 2010

Munich, 9 June 2011. In 2010, the Schörghuber Corporate Group generated revenues totaling 1.21 billion euros, a 15.2-percent increase over the previous year’s figure, in its business divisions Construction & Real Estate, Beverages, Hotels and Aircraft Leasing. The increase in earnings before interest and taxes was even more marked: while the figure for 2009 was 13.69 million euro, the Group achieved an EBIT of 145.61 million euros in 2010, an increase of 963.6 percent. “We are now harvesting the first fruits of our clear-cut strategic repositioning and the resulting changes that have been carried out consistently in all the business divisions over the past two years”, stated Dr. Klaus N. Naeve, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Schörghuber Corporate Group. The equity ratio also provides a basis for further growth: at 31 December 2010, it stood at 41.8 percent – not including the Beverages division, which was consolidated at equity.

Bayerische Hausbau ranks among the Top Ten project developers in Germany
As in 2009, Bayerische Hausbau was the driving force behind this growth. With an increase in revenues of 39.9 percent to 392.86 million euros and an EBIT of 132.67 million euros, it accounted for over 90 percent to the Group’s overall results. A key factor in the success enjoyed by the company, which is involved in asset and portfolio management, project development as well as asset and property management, was the boom in project development which showed a two-fold increase in revenues compared with the previous year. With approximately two dozen projects currently being planned or already under construction in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart,Bayerische Hausbau's pipeline is full to capacity. For example, the Joseph Pschorr Haus with 41,300 square meters of space in a prestigious location in Munich’s pedestrian zone, 500 apartments in the WelfenHöfen urban development in the Au- Haidhausen district of Munich and about 50,000 square meters of space for offices, stores, bars and restaurants, a cinema and serviced apartments in the Bikini Berlin complex at Bahnhof Zoo are currently under construction. The start of construction of around 450 apartments, as well as offices and a hotel, in the Quartier am Mailänder Platz urban development in Stuttgart is scheduled for 2012, and approximately 1,000 apartments are slated for construction in Hochäckerstraße in Munich-Perlach in 2013.

Brau Holding International benefits from its focus on strong brands and from its strong exports
Despite a slight decline in beverage production – which fell from 6.28 million hectoliters in 2009 to 6.18 hectoliters last year – in what is a continually shrinking overall market, the Beverage division was able to increase revenues and EBIT in 2010. While revenues – adjusted for the recently sold logistics provider Hubauer – increased by 1.44 percent to 576.41 million euros, earnings before interest and taxes more than doubled from 9.99 million euros in 2009 to 21.89 million euros last year. In addition to consistent cost reductions at all the breweries, it was in particular the success enjoyed by the Paulaner brand and growth in the foreign markets that contributed to this positive development. Brau Holding International is working towards achieving its aim of becoming market leader in Southern Germany with a further increase in exports and sustained investment in its strong brands.

The Arabella Hospitality Group significantly increases revenues and earnings
The Group’s Hotels division also reported positive figures. It has not yet completely overcome the trough into which the entire industry was plunged as a result of the financial and economic crisis triggered in 2008. Nevertheless, an occupancy rate of 67.6 percent, compared with 60.2 percent in 2009, and a marked 23.6-percent increase in revenue per available room to 85.94 euros, contributed to a 12-percent increase in the Arabella Hospitality Group’s total revenues to 223.16 million euros compared to 2009 and a further reduction in losses with an EBIT of -13.43 million euros. The reorganization of the partnership with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, which goes into effect 1 July 2011, and the resulting focus of both partners on their respective core areas of competence means that the Arabella Hospitality Group, which will in thefuture concentrate on asset management involving the 23 hotels that the Group owns or leases, will further improve its earnings. The Hotels division will also continue to expand. In addition to The Westin Hamburg in the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, which is scheduled to open in 2013, and the opening of the Sheraton Zürich Hotel slated for 2014, other hotel projects are also currently being planned.

Bavaria International Aircraft Leasing continues to contribute to the success of the Group
The Aircraft Leasing division also made a positive contribution to the Group’s results in 2010. With a slight increase in revenues of 40.10 million euros, it was able to almost triple its EBIT of 5.04 million euros in 2009 to 14.19 million euros. In 2009, the executive board of the Schörghuber Corporate Group decided to give up this area of business due to fundamental changes to the market environment and reinvest the liquid funds freed up by the ongoing sale of aircraft in the Group. Three airplanes were therefore sold in 2010. Bavaria International Aircraft Leasing’s fleet now comprises 16 aircraft.

Cultural and social commitment neatly rounds off the Schörghuber Corporate Group’s corporate policy
Promoting cultural activities and supporting socially disadvantaged children remain the pillars of the family-owned company’s social commitment. At the end of 2009, the agreement between the Schörghuber Corporate Group and the Haus der Kunst was extended for another five years until 2014. With an annual grant of 500,000 euros, the Group makes a contribution to securing artistic operations at the renowned museum of contemporary art. In the anniversary year of the Josef Schörghuber Foundation, which was founded in 1995, the Group was able to raise a record amount for the work performed by the foundation, which makes it possible for children and youths from socially disadvantaged families to take part in school trips, outings organized during the school holidays and recreational activities. The record amount of 367,000 euros was raised by a charity golf cup, an oldtimer rally and other fundraising activities. “The social commitment initiated by the company’s founder, Josef Schörghuber, continued by his son, Stefan, and supported by the entire family remains a constant feature of our corporate policy”, said Dr. Klaus N. Naeve.

Über die Schörghuber Unternehmensgruppe
Die 1954 gegründete und familiengeführte Schörghuber Unternehmensgruppe mit Sitz in München ist auf den Geschäftsfeldern Bauen & Immobilien, Getränke sowie Hotel national und international erfolgreich tätig. Die Bayerische Hausbau, in der die Immobilien-, Bauträger- und Fertighausaktivitäten der Schörghuber Unternehmensgruppe zusammengefasst sind, ist eines der großen integrierten Immobilienunternehmen in Deutschland. Die Brau Holding International, ein Joint Venture mit Heineken NV, ist mit der Paulaner Brauerei Gruppe, der Kulmbacher Gruppe und der Südwest Gruppe einer der größten Brauereiverbunde hierzulande. Der Unternehmensbereich Hotel mit der Führungsgesellschaft Arabella Hospitality Group betreibt das Asset- Management für die 23 im Eigentum befindlichen und gepachteten Hotels in Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und auf Mallorca und vertritt dabei die Interessen der Schörghuber Unternehmensgruppe gegenüber Starwood Hotels & Resorts, denen das Management für das Gros der Häuser obliegt. Die drei Unternehmensbereiche sind durch die gemeinsamen Werte Vielfalt, Qualität und Wachstum, die rund 5.400 Mitarbeiter für ihre Kunden täglich erlebbar machen, miteinander verbunden.

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