Commitment, Diversity and Trust

Schörghuber corporate philosophy

The Schörghuber Group is a family-owned business. The Group is already in its third generation of family ownership and its four divisions, Construction & Real Estate, Beverages, Hotels and Seafood, enjoy international success. Its founder, Josef Schörghuber, was a "man of action with an impressive level of creativity, boldness and, more importantly, assertiveness". This is how his son, Stefan Schörghuber, described him in May 2005 on the tenth anniversary of his death.

When postwar reconstruction began in Munich, Josef Schörghuber recognized the given opportunities. Soon the young entrepreneur was actively involved in redeveloping Munich. In 1954, he founded Bayerische Hausbau, thus laying the cornerstone for the corporate group. Other areas of business were gradually added, for example breweries, hotels and aircraft.

Josef Schörghuber was an entrepreneur through and through. He also sought to engender enthusiasm for the different business areas in his children at an early age. When he was just 18, his son, Stefan Schörghuber, assumed responsibility within the company with its wide-ranging activities. Although he had trained as a brewmaster, he was particularly taken with the hotels.


Following the death of his father in 1995, Stefan Schörghuber took the helm of the Group. With his business foresight, he developed it into a privately-owned business that today is managed with the efficient management structures and transparency characteristic of a corporation. The guiding principle for all of the Group's activities is a corporate philosophy he himself formulated.

Our corporate philosophy as a family-owned business

The Schörghuber Group is a family-owned business. Numerous aspects of the Group serve to underscore this fact. The Schörghuber Group's philosophy is based on the personal manifesto of the entrepreneur Stefan Schörghuber and remains the guiding principle for everything the Group's owners do today. It is a clarion call to all employees and incorporates the entrepreneur's vision and core values, which include sustainability, discipline, reliability, performance, diversity and trust. 

The wording is as follows.

We stand for sustainable corporate growth
The intuition and creativity of my father, Josef Schörghuber, provided the foundation upon which our company is built. In his honor, I would like to work together with all our employees to meet the challenges of today and the demands made of a modern company with the aim of securing continued growth. A service culture that exists both inside and outside the company ensures that we will be successful, and that we remain committed to our objectives, courteous in our dealings and innovative in shaping our future.

Our virtues are part of our strength
We owe our growth to virtues of character. Diligence, discipline and foresight have brought us success. The way we treat each other and our customers will determine our equally prosperous future: we treat ourselves and our customers the way that we ourselves want to be treated. We mean what we say, and we keep the promises that we make. We broaden our minds to ensure that we can successfully master new challenges and learn lessons from the past.

Our success is contingent on providing quality at every level. Our products and services should inspire our customers.

We focus on performance, diversity and trust
Although we are a large corporate group, we strive to maintain a friendly, confidence-inspiring corporate culture with individuality, economic freedom and powerful diversity. We learn from each other, act with others in mind and enhance our performance through partnership. Fast, well-considered action and short decision paths ensure that we will continue to expand our market leadership in the individual sectors.

This allows us to shape the future with great confidence and generate revenues that allow us to be what we want to be: a friendly, efficient and independent company.

I am counting on your commitment, loyalty and ideas.

Stefan Schörghuber

In 2019, Alexandra Schörghuber and her children reaffirmed this corporate philosophy by expressing the family's commitment to the values and visions formulated by Stefan Schörghuber.

Our husband and father, Stefan Schörghuber, passed away on 25 November 2008 – after a life full of energy, dedication and passion for his company. He continues to serve as our personal role model. His commitment to performance, innovative capability and value orientation, formulated as the Group’s corporate philosophy in 1995, has stayed with us. The power of these words remains undiminished. We therefore reaffirm its validity as a guiding principle for all our business activities both in the present and in the future.

A rich corporate history

Real estate, hotels, breweries, aircraft and salmon farming – the Schörghuber Group has grown steadily for three generations. We have provided a list of the Group's key milestones for you.

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Four business divisions – one company

The Schörghuber Group operates in four very different business areas. The group of companies includes Bayerische Hausbau, one of the largest project development and real estate companies in Germany with real estate portfolio valued at 3.5 billion euros. The Paulaner Brewery Group exports its specialty beers around the globe. Business and leisure hotels in top locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and on the Balearic island of Mallorca cater to the needs of numerous guests. A salmon farming company in Chile adds a new layer to the company structure.

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