Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility at Schörghuber

More than ever, companies are expected to live up to their social responsibility. The entrepreneurial actions of the Schörghuber Group influence all of its stakeholders, from its employees to its business partners and customers.

Munich is home to the Schörghuber Corporate Group. This is where the family-owned company was founded and it is here that its participation in shaping the city remains the greatest: as a property developer, a restaurateur, a hotelier and, last but not least, as an employer. The Schörghuber Corporate Group is aware of the responsibility that this brings. It therefore strives to be a reliable and responsible partner to its employees, customers, service providers and the residents of the city. This also holds true of all its other locations around the globe.

The "Donisl" stays

When revitalizing the “Donisl”, a renowned inn situated at Munich’s central Marienplatz which boasts a listed facade, Bayerische Hausbau decided to keep it as an inn instead of converting the structure into a more profitable commercial building, thereby committing itself to locality and tradition.

„Zamm geht’s“ (Better together) unites big and small alike

Since 2004 Bad Brambacher Mineralquellen, a beverage company pertaining to Kulmbacher Brewery AG, calls on neighbors and families in Upper Franconia to spring clean children’s playgrounds with a chance to win high-quality playing equipment for the sites.

Aiding the community

Productos del Mar Ventisqueros in Chile is very active when it comes to community service. In one of their programs employees helped local artisans acquire the skills to boost their own businesses. In 2013 the company was awarded by the ministry of social affairs with the medal „Más por Chile“.

Two causes to which the Group has made a commitment are particularly worthy of mention due to their relevance in this context.

Josef Schörghuber-Stiftung für Münchner Kinder

The Josef Schörghuber-Stiftung für Münchner Kinder was founded on 26 July 1995 at the initiative of Josef Schörghuber, who provided an initial endowment of three million deutsche marks. The foundation is administrated by Munich's social welfare department (Sozialreferat). Its main focus is on the individual sponsorship of children and families in need. The social welfare department's administrative staff is responsible for allocating the funds, which are primarily generated by activities organized by the Schörghuber Group. For more information, go to (German only)

Stefan Schörghuber Foundation

The Stefan Schörghuber Foundation, established in 2019 by Alexandra Schörghuber and her children Stefanie, Michaela and Florian, complements the group's social commitment. Its purpose is to promote youth welfare and education, as well as to promote science and research in Germany. The focus is on the promotion of facilities and projects related to children, young people and families.