Paulaner and more – Schörghuber breweries

Paulaner is a household name across the globe. It stands for traditional brewing craft and a Bavarian way of life. Few things are as closely associated with Germany and Bavaria as beer. Schörghuber Group unites traditional brands and renowned breweries, beloved by many.

The Schörghuber name has been synonymous with construction and beer brewing since 1979. That same year Josef Schörghuber acquired a majority shareholding in the Hacker Pschorr and Paulaner-Salvator-Thomasbräu breweries and a 50-percent stake in Kulmbacher Reichelbräu. With eleven breweries in total today, the Beverages business division of the Group places emphasis on diversity and the regional art of beer brewing. 

Tradition plays a major role for breweries. Schörghuber Group honors this fact but also keeps a keen eye on the challenges of the future, to guarantee a long-lasting success for all breweries.

The division is managed by the Paulaner Brewery Group, a joint venture between the Schörghuber Group (70 percent) and Heineken (30 percent). Paulaner Brewery Group is the largest brewery group in southern Germany.

Facts & Figures

Regional brands, a presence in over 80 markets worldwide, about 3,000 years of beer brewing tradition of all its breweries combined and promoting sports and cultural events in their respective regions are the hallmarks of the largest brewery group in southern Germany.

Discovering diversity

The Beverages division, which is managed by the Paulaner Brewery Group, stands for regional diversity. The brands belonging to the division's eleven breweries include Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Kulmbacher, Mönchshof, Fürstenberg, Hoepfner and Schmucker with a large number of specialty beers.

The art of brewing

Brewing beer is an art form that inspires passion and pride in the breweries' employees, who pass it on – not only to their vocational trainees but also to all those who share this passion, for example during Mönchshof's BrauMeisterei on Tour.

International success

With its brands, the breweries in the group score regionally, nationally and internationally. Paulaner, which not only exports its beer with great success but also communicates the Bavarian attitude to life with its restaurants that boast their own microbreweries, is especially popular.

Appreciation for tradition

Together, the breweries look back on several thousands of years of brewing tradition. This considerable length of time serves to engender close ties: with the location, the region and with local tradition. Maintaining and cultivating these ties are a matter of honor for the breweries.