Improving quality of life. Together.

The Schörghuber Group is now in its third generation of family ownership and has with five successful business divisions: Development, Real Estate, Beverages, Hotels and Seafood.

The name Schörghuber is synonymous with continuity. And this is the result of continuous change, creative approaches and new perspectives. Welcome to our world.


From the day it was founded, the company has been defined by the values quality, sustainability and innovationxxoorder. They provide the basis for decision-making and serve as a guiding principle.

Quality as the measure of what we contribute to the world: our products and services, which must satisfy the most demanding of requirements. But quality is also reflected in the way that we contribute to the world. With knowledge and experience, dedication and enthusiasm.

Innovation is the force that will take us into the future. The Schörghuber Group is more than a mere observer of progress. We invest in future-oriented technologies and incorporate innovations – while at the same time continually updating and improving our internal processes.

We think in terms of generations. Sustainability is therefore a key issue. The Schörghuber Group wants to contribute. To protecting nature and the climate. But also the way in which we operate and the decisions we make are sustainable. This makes it possible for use to combine both ecological and economic responsibility.

Not only the Schörghuber family is guided by these values. All our employees – from the holding company to the individual companies in the five business divisions – make it an integral part of everything they do.

Five business divisions, one vision: a better quality of life. We make life more beautiful, more enjoyable and more sustainable. Now and for future generations.

The Schörghuber Group enjoys success in over 80 markets with its business divisions Development, Real Estate, Beverages, Hotels and Seafood. Over 5,500 people work worldwide in the group's different companies.

Welcome to the Schörghuber Group's five business divisions. Please feel free to explore!
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Quality of life. It serves as the north star that guides the group's activities. It unites all the business divisions. Diversification dedicated to achieving one aim.
A look back


Seven decades. Three generations.
The history of the company.



Greener, fairer, more sustainable: our vision for the future

The Schörghuber Group does more than just business. We see it as our responsibility to provide help and support. But also to inspire. With our ideas and above all with our actions. From regional charitable initiatives to international efforts to protect the climate and the environment. Learn more about our commitment.


Responsibility, support and so many opportunities

The Schörghuber Group offers a wide variety of jobs in its business divisions Real Estate, Development, Beverages, Hotel and Seafood – both in Germany and abroad. We are always looking for people with a vision and enthusiasm. Are you looking for a multifaceted job and would like to shape your career within our group? Then we look forward to hearing from you!